A Fresh Event is proud to offer full-service wedding planning as well as event coordination services. We tailor each experience to our clients' specific needs and are able to come on board at any point in the planning process.

What we offer

With contemporary planning at A Fresh Event, couples work closely with their lead planner who will guide them through their wedding planning experience and take on the role of trusted advisor, confidant and coordinator from the moment of booking through the wedding weekend itself.

One hallmark of all A Fresh Event experiences is education and guidance. Our contemporary planning offering begins with time devoted to learning more about the Chicago market, and walking through a proposed budget tailored to your situation -- believe us, no two weddings are the same! Through the process of selecting vendors, your planner will make personal recommendations, review all proposals, and provide counsel where needed with the goal of empowering you to feel secure in knowing you have made the best decisions for your day.

Your planner will also ensure that your vision is brought to life, starting with mood boards that will be used to collaborate with other vendors to facilitate a creative and exciting design process, while we handle all of the logistics and details of putting together an unforgettable event. Through monthly update calls, an online planning interface, and unlimited email communication, you will be kept on track and focused on only the task at hand, while we keep the big picture in mind.

Once the big day draws closer, your planner will transition into a coordination role, which you can learn more about by clicking the arrow below. 

Full service Planning

our Approach

You’ve assembled a fantastic team of vendors, and now need the professional help to take your planning to the finish line. Your coordinator joins your team to become the point person for all things related to logistics, timelines, and execution of the day itself. 

Beginning approximately eight weeks before your day, we will go over every detail of your wedding in-depth and make plans to set everyone up for success. From there, we’re the ones who will be talking to all of your vendors to confirm load-in schedules, timing out shuttle services, plus learning your grandparents’ names, double-checking the linen order, and running a final venue walkthrough to iron out details in the space itself. We will put together a comprehensive timeline and contact sheet so everyone knows where to be and when to be there. During these two months we also make ourselves available to you to talk through any last-minute worries, changes, or just things you need to get off your chest! 

On your wedding day, we arrive with our assistants and our (if we do say so ourselves) fairly impressive emergency kit, and from there oversee every detail to make sure things run smoothly, and more importantly, that you and your partner are totally comfortable, taken care of, and able to truly enjoy every moment together on such an important day in your lives. 

Need a little something extra? You can choose to add on once-a-month virtual meetings with your coordinator to supplement your independent planning. 

Wedding Coordination

You got this. We got you.

jasmine, AFE Bride

“My wedding day from the time I woke up until 1 AM was the most joyous, laughter-filled, loving day of my life thanks to A Fresh Event handling all the heavy lifting. I was able to be in the moment and enjoy every minute because they were running the show.“

Heath, AFE Groom

"A Fresh Event has the most caring, organized, ahead-of-the-game people I have ever met in my life! You will not even know things needed to be done, and they will have done them already. From the second we hired them, we could breathe again."

Aimee, AFE Bride

"During the entire planning process, not one detail was overlooked or missed. Our planner was in constant communication with us and I can honestly say we truly enjoyed the wedding planning process, stress free, all because of A Fresh Event."

Joseph, father of the Bride

"Engaging A Fresh Event was perhaps the best vendor decision my daughter and her fiancée made during the wedding planning process. They are well connected in the industry and provide you with candid advice as decisions are made." 

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