common questions

Do you offer day of coordination?

Nope. I only offer full=planning wedding planning services.


do you have a budget minimum requirement?

You'll need to have a flexible budget to be adventurous and creative and create a legit wedding wonderland for your guests to immerse themselves in. It is difficult for me to plan weddings under $150,000.

I've found that my services work best with couples comfortable spending at least $1,000 per guest. So, if you have a guest list of 200, you should be comfortable with an overall budget of $200,000 for the full wedding weekend.



I have been doing this for over 12 years and it would be almost impossible to have worked in every venue in Chicago, much less in destination markets. As an expert in planning, I know the right questions to ask to learn a new venue inside and out beforehand to run a seamless event.


My Parent/Friend/ETC would like to plan with us, is that OK?

I prefer to work exclusively with my couples. As long as you two are the final decision-makers at the end of the day, that's all that truly matters to me. It is important to me that my couples plan the wedding day they hope to bring to life. So, while wedding planning can be a family activity, I want to ensure you're making your dreams come true and not someone else's.


Do you do church weddings?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is, while I appreciate ceremonial elements to a wedding day, to stay true to myself, I do not plan weddings that have a strong patriarchal background. I love ceremonies with nods to your religion and beliefs, just so long as they are not patriarchal in tone. 


Do you consider yourself inclusive?

Living by the values of honesty, kindness, trust, and respect - A Fresh Event is all about people and believes that love is love, and we invite all couples to join our family (unless you're an a**hole, then kindly move along).

We seek to work with wedding professionals who reflect the diversity of our society, and we favor those who are women, LGBTQ+, or people of color owned companies.



Not for coordinators or planners, no. I'm a one-woman show.

I am always looking for part-time event assistant work. Please email a resume and cover letter to