after spending years planning couples' once-in-a-lifetime wedding weekends, I decided it was time to infuse my passion for travel and my meticulous attention to detail into their post-nuptial adventures.

Allow mE to introduce afe travel. putting on my bespoke travel creator hat to craft unforgettable, custom trips. I specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences, whether it’s a romantic honeymoon, a celebratory anniversary trip, a fun birthday getaway, or a soul-enriching solo adventure.

My fellow TRAVELERS, adventure awaits - let AFE Travel orchestrate a trip that makes even your passport jealous of you.

How does it work? Glad you asked.

  • The journey begins with a chat about your dream destinations—whether you want to climb Petit Piton in St. Lucia or savor sushi in the bustling streets of Tokyo. Together, we’ll figure out your next adventure.
  • From there, I’ll craft your first draft itinerary, mapping out locations, suggesting flights, and highlighting points of interest. We’ll chat again to ensure we’re on the right path.
  • Now, the fun part: where you’ll stay! I’ll present 4-5 lodging options per location. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel or a “home away from home” VRBO, I’ll secure the primo spots for you.
  • Next, let’s dive into tours, coffee shops, restaurants, and those once-in-a-lifetime moments—the experiences that etch themselves into your soul.
  • Keep your travel plans at your literal fingertips with our app. It’ll house your flight info, hotel reservations, and booked travel plans.
  • A week before departure, we’ll reconnect so I can walk you through everything you need to know: packing tips, cultural insights, and more.
  • Bon voyage!

After working with a few travel planners for my own personal trips, I realized that it could be done better. so, i started planning trips the way I think they should be planned - thoughtfully, with custom recommendations and with the desire to provide you with an experience you'll be talking about for years to come.


WHERE's Jen?

Just back from: San Miguel de Allende, MeXICO

Heading to: Portland, oregon, UNITED STATES

Travel is food for my soul. Cheesy, I know. But, it's the truth. Nothing is more exciting to me than researching and planning travel experiences. I love to hear about trips, I obsess over other people's travel posts and I day dream about where the wind will take me next.

Let's become best friend travel partners and help each other see the world - what do you think?