10 Things We’ll Do For You on Your Wedding Day

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Think you know all that a wedding planner will do for your wedding day?

Read on and see if you’re right!

Until you’ve worked with a wedding planner, you might not fully understand all that we do. In fact, some of the things we end up doing for our couples on the wedding day come as a surprise even to us.

There are some things we do that you would expect. For example, we create a timeline for the day, carefully work out logistics so you don’t feel rushed, make sure your vendors have all the info that they need … the list goes on and on. There are, however, some things we do that might not even cross your mind. We couldn’t begin to cover them all here, but, to start, here are 10 unexpected things your wedding planner will do for you on the big day:



1. Drank In Your Cup: We check with you ahead of time to see what your drink of choice is. If we look over and see that your hands are empty, we remedy the situation, stat.


2. Lay Off Me, I’m Starving: Same goes with the food that you so painstakingly picked out a year ago at your tasting. We make sure you get to eat your mini beef wellingtons at cocktail hour and your mushroom ravioli at dinner.


3. We’ve Got Your Parents’ Backs: Even the toughest daddies get a little weepy on their child’s wedding day. And moms? Forget about it! So, before they have a chance to worry, we make sure they know what to expect: order of events, where and when to walk during the ceremony, where to stand for their toast, who will be giving them the mic, and when we are getting close to parent dances.


4. Wedding Party, We’re All Over It: Your friends are excited to be a part of your day. Each one wants to freaking nail it and go down in history as the BEST WEDDING PARTY MEMBER EVER. So, we help them do just that by telling them where to go, when to go there and what to do while they’re there. All. Day. Long.


5. Service, Please: Twelve people all getting ready in a hotel suite—it’s bound to a get a little messy. The last thing on your mind, when leaving the room to go see your partner for the first time (first look), is the condition your room will be in when you get back there later that night. Don’t you worry, we’ll take care of that. It might not seem like a big deal, but coming back to a tidy hotel suite after such an amazing day is nice, believe us.


6. Baby, I Got Your Money: All that cash money that needs to get to your band/photographer/ceremony musicians? We take those final payments and gratuities from you at the rehearsal and handle passing those out on the day of the wedding. This way, you and your family members don’t have to be stressed about this duty.


7. Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Transportation can be stressful. If it doesn’t run smoothly, it can throw off your entire wedding day schedule. We work hard on the day of to make sure that this doesn’t happen. We touch base with the drivers in the morning, we communicate with your drivers and photographers while you’re off tooling around town taking pics, and we make sure that end-of-the-night transportation runs on schedule and that you, the couple, gets on that last bus heading back to the hotel.


8. Target Run: The stuff you never find out about … Cake stand got knocked off the table? We run to Pottery Barn and buy you a new one. No more coffee left and the mother of the groom would really like a cup? Starbucks, here we come. This is why we always work with an assistant. It is necessary to have another person with us to handle some of these unexpected situations so that the planner can still go on doing his or her job of focusing on you and the day.


9. Emergency Kit: We keep chiropractors in business with our emergency kits. They are filled to the brim with everything you could possibly need and definitely throw off our spine alignment when slung over our shoulders. A small price to pay, however, if it means coming to the rescue for you and your squad when a pair of scissors is desperately needed.


10. We Take Care of Grandma: Over here at A Fresh Event, we love grandmas and grandpas, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure they are comfortable. We think about your event’s accessibility —removing a chair, finding a ramp, or working the motorized lifts. Do you know how lucky you are that they’re able to be with you on your wedding day? OK, good, because you are super lucky.


If you find the right wedding planner, that person will become invaluable to you — he or she will be the only other person who will know your wedding day inside and out, and, though we may never see each other again after your day, a bond forms between us. Seriously, we’re not trying to get all mushy-gushy on you, but if you hire the right planner, he or she will be in your corner and do whatever it takes to make sure you enjoy every minute of your day.


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