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A Fresh Event

What makes a couple getting married an AFE couple? Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of helping many couples with their wedding planning and, as a result, have spent a lot of time with them. So, although we don’t know whether we can accurately tell you where they shop, what they eat, or what […]

7 Characteristics of an “A Fresh Event” Couple

Planning Advice

The ceremony … remember the ceremony? You know, the whole reason we’re getting 200 of your closest peeps into the same room on the same day? Well, the times they are a changin’, and so is how couples handle this very important part of the day. Whether or not it’s religious-based, some couples are choosing […]

So, You’re Not Getting Married in a Church?

Planning Advice

Think you know all that a wedding planner will do for your wedding day? Read on and see if you’re right! Until you’ve worked with a wedding planner, you might not fully understand all that we do. In fact, some of the things we end up doing for our couples on the wedding day come […]

10 Things We’ll Do For You on Your Wedding Day

Planning Advice

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