number1Looking back, working in the event planning world was something that Jennifer was born to do. She’s always found great joy in making people around her feel comfortable and happy, was the “planner” in her group of friends and naturally gravitated toward customer service positions. In fact, every job she’s had – from high school to post college – involved working with customers and clients.

It would be a chance encounter with an old friend from high school about 5 years ago that would change her career path, and life, forever. Still living in Milwaukee at the time, Jennifer was hired by a local event planning company to assist the owner & lead planner. Soon, she was booking her own events and finding it a role she played naturally.

headshot2Chicago was a city that Jennifer visited frequently since she was very young — drawn to the trendy, exciting energy that buzzed around a major city. With every visit, she found it harder and harder to leave. A dream chaser at heart, she packed her bags and moved to the Windy City in 2013, deciding it was high time to see if big city living was for her. She hasn’t looked back since. Not only did she fall instantly in love with Chicago, she also fell instantly in love with the man that is now her (new) husband. Plus, it wasn’t long before she found incredible success in the local event industry.

Fast forward to today, and 100+ happy clients later, Jennifer is moving on to her next big adventure with the launch of her new company — A Fresh Event.

//10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us//


  1. Getting married is AWESOME, and we spend a lot of time and energy making sure you feel important and cared for. So much heart and soul goes into each one of our events.
  2. We also care about your family and their experience on your wedding day. Our favorite thing is when Mom starts to worry about something and we can stop her and let her know that the thing she’s worried about? Yeah, we already took care of it.
  3. Sure, Yelp and Wedding Wire have reviews, but do they work to get to know you as a couple and then send you recommendations based on how well those pros will mesh with your personality, style, and budget? No. No, they do not. We do!
  4. Hiring your vendors is really just the tip of the wedding planning iceberg. What about all those easily overlooked to-dos and details? (Oh, there’s a lot of them.) We help you with all of those. The earlier we step in, the better.
  5. We’ve worked hard to secure some very special vendor partnerships, and we have a great reputation among Chicago wedding professionals. This means they will go above and beyond for our clients.
  6. Believe it or not, investing in a wedding planner usually saves you money in the long run. We know how best to stretch your hard-earned dollar, and we work to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.
  7. We are very professional.
  8. Buuut we also think we’re hilarious—we’re planning a wedding, and we want you to enjoy the process. So, yeah, we’re definitely going to try to make you laugh and have a good time while we work together to plan the best day ever.
  9. When working with us, you’re always in the driver’s seat. We ride shotgun—essentially, working with us is like having Google Maps for your wedding. And, let’s be honest, could you live without Google Maps? Probably not.
  10. We love weddings and firmly believe that to be in this industry and do a great job at your job, you need to be passionate about two things: weddings and people. (Check and check!)


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