Chicago is a “destination” wedding spot in its own right. Tropical temperatures and palm-tree-lined streets? No, not exactly. A gorgeous lake and breathtaking skyline? Now, that we have!

Are you currently planning your Chicago wedding while out of state (or know someone who is)? Send us a note HERE and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Chicago and its neighboring suburbs are home base to many people who have since moved away to other parts of the country. And, it’s a perfect midway point for those who have friends/family on both coasts. It’s a big, beautiful city with all that great Midwestern charm. So, when people get engaged and start planning their weddings, even if they aren’t currently living in Chicago, it’s easy for them to decide that the Windy City is the place they will say “I do!”

We’ve worked with many couples who live out of state—New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Wisconsin, Washington, just to name a few—who, for varying reasons, chose Chicago for their once-in-a-lifetime day. It’s been a real pleasure helping these couples through the process—we know how difficult it can be to plan such an important day from afar, so we do all we can to make the journey as easy on them as possible.

Here are seven ways that working with A Fresh Event will help ease the concerns you have about planning your Chicago wedding from afar:


1. Guidance With Your Chicago Wedding Budget

The total investment into your wedding day varies greatly from city to city and state to state. What a wedding will run you in Chicago is vastly different from the cost in Atlanta or New Orleans. Working with a planner early on allows you to get a good handle on a realistic budget specific to Chicago.


2. In Search of the Perfect Venue

One of the hardest parts of wedding planning is finding your venue, and it’s even more difficult when you can’t physically be there to make such a big decision in person. With a planner, you’ll be working with someone who can recommend venues that fit your vision and who can do tours on your behalf. Or, if you wish to come to Chicago for a day or two and see these venues in person, we can arrange these appointments ahead of time so that your time here is well spent.


3. Your Representative

You probably won’t be able to fly to Chicago for every meeting and/or thing/errand that pops up through the planning process. Having a Chicago wedding planner essentially means you have someone representing you here at all times. We’re here anytime you need someone to do your legwork. Also, we know your parents might live in the area and we are more than happy to include them in the process, as well.


4. Flexible Appointment Times to Work for You

You live in a different time zone. We understand this and are flexible with our schedules so that phone/Skype meetings work best for everyone. Now, we can’t stay up all hours of the night (we go to bed around here embarrassingly early), but we’ll do the best we can to make reaching us as easy as possible. Also, with enough notice, we do our best to block off time in our schedules to get together in person when you’re in town.


5. Skype/Google Hangouts (You Can Wear Sweatpants. We Probably Will!)

We make you meet with us via Skype/Google Hangouts every once in awhile because we feel it is the next best thing to an in-person meeting. Getting to know our clients through the planning process is very important to us, so we would like to “see” you sometimes.


6. A Timeline That Works for Chicago

Even if you do live here, you should still absolutely hire a planner, especially to help coordinate toward the end of the planning process. If you’re not a local, you might not have a good handle on Saturday downtown traffic or how long it will take to hit all those iconic Chicago photo spots, among a slew of other things.

7. Chicago Love

Maybe you grew up here, or maybe you two met here and, for whatever reasons, have since moved away. Or, perhaps you came here on vacation and just fell in love. Working with a local planner will guarantee you’ll be able to come up with the very best way to showcase/feature Chicago in your wedding. We can make sure your wedding weekend emphasizes your love for Chicago so that your guests leave this city loving it as much as you do.


Are you currently planning your Chicago wedding while out of state (or know someone who is)? Send us a note HERE and let’s set up a time to chat.

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