Over here at A Fresh Event, we offer coordination services in addition to our full and partial planning options. We do this because, even though we prefer to get involved much earlier in the planning process, we can understand the desire to plan your own wedding. (Although, I’d like to point out that working with a planner in a full or partial planning capacity would make planning way more enjoyable for you and still keeps you in the driver’s seat—but, that’s another blog post entirely.) So, though we think it is possible for couples to plan their own weddings, we believe everyone should, at the very least, absolutely hire a professional wedding coordinator. (I’m a planner, and even I had one for my wedding!)

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WHOA, let me stop you right there—you’re about to tell me that you have this area covered because your coworker just got married and she can easily coordinate your wedding…

Taylor, Imma let you finish, but first I want to walk you through the 8 people who are NOT wedding coordinators.

1. Your Sister Who Just Got Married

I know, I know—she JUST got married last year, and she is now an expert on all things weddings, but no she’s not. Even if she worked with a planner or a coordinator, she has absolutely NO idea what the goings on were on the back end of her event. Yes, she’s definitely a moral support to guide you through the ups and downs of the process, but a professional coordinator she is not.

2. Your Mom Who Helped Plan Your Sister’s Wedding

Right, your sister’s wedding. But, remember when the cake didn’t show up? Or remember when the sedan specifically hired to pick up your grandma at the hotel didn’t show up? Or remember when three people who didn’t RSVP showed up and your mom lost her damn mind? We don’t want that to happen because we want Mom to be able to just enjoy the day, and even though we know Mom’s really good at worrying, let’s just give her a night off, OK?

3. Your Friend Who Also Just Got Married

So, wait, is she a guest at your wedding, or is she your coordinator? How is she supposed to do both? As a wedding coordinator, I end up working anywhere from 12–14 plus hours on the big day, and when I’m done, I’m very, very tired. Do you really want to have your friend essentially work a 12-hour day before she gets to kick off her shoes at 9:30 to start celebrating? Or would you rather your friend gets to be a guest and enjoy the festivities from start to finish?

4. Your Venue Manager

Helpful and knowledgeable? Yes! Was able to send you recommendations of vendors that totally rocked? Check! Can put together a timeline for you? Well, yeah, but this is when things get a little fuzzy. Will his timeline include all the moving parts that happen before you get to the venue? Will he make sure your transportation arrives on time, that hair and makeup starts at the correct time, that personal floral will be delivered to your suite? If anything goes wrong prior to being onsite, will he or someone from his team be there to fix everything? Yeah, probably not. There is A LOT going into coordinating your day, and the timeline at the venue is just the tip of the iceberg.

5. Your Photographer/Caterer/Band/DJ

All these peeps go into a similar category as your venue manager. They can totally put together a timeline for you, and they might even offer to send it out to all of your vendors. Great! But on the day of your wedding, unless that photographer, caterer, band, DJ, etc. brings on a team member specifically to handle the full event coordination, don’t you want them to be focusing on what they do best? Your caterer should be focusing on food service, DJ on keeping the party hopping, photographer on capturing those special moments. And, again, will they send someone out to you before your arrival at the venue to make sure all those other moving parts of your day are going as planned? The answer is usually “No, no they will not.” Chicago is filled to the brim with the most awesome and helpful vendors, but I do believe it’s important to leave the coordination to the, well, the coordinators.

6. You (Even Though Your Sister and Everyone You Know Just Got Married)

Again, though we believe everyone is able to plan their own wedding, it is impossible for you to coordinate your own wedding. Well, not impossible, but you’re going to miss everything. EVERYTHING! And, it will be stressful. Do you really want to spend over a year of your life pouring your blood, sweat and tears into planning this truly magical and once-in-a-lifetime day only to miss most of it because you’re dealing with the little bumps that pop up as the day unfolds? (Bumps pop up no matter how well planned your day is, but when you hire a pro, the chances of you ever finding out about them are slim to none.)

7. Your Corporate Planner Friend

This one can seem super tempting, but still, NOPE! Yes, your friend works for Google, and she plans all of their conventions and parties. We’re talking thousands of attendants here—of course she can handle a wedding of 150 people. But, going back to #3—is she a friend friend or just someone you know? If she’s invited as a guest, let her be a guest. Coordinating any event of any size is A LOT of work. And corporate planning is very different from wedding planning—unless she has experience as both, she may find herself a little lost when it comes to the big day.

8. Anyone Who’s Not a Coordinator

Pretty much anyone who isn’t a professional coordinator is, well, not a professional coordinator. And though they may work in the event world, unless they have a person designated to take care of you and your day—start to finish—who isn’t responsible for the food, music or photos, then you are just not getting the full service you and your wedding day deserve. Full service—this is what you deserve on your wedding day.

Look, we absolutely understand that weddings are not cheap—in fact, they are the opposite of cheap, they are freaking expensive. So, in our opinion, this is even more reason to hire a professional coordinator for your day (and there are a lot of us out there at different price points, so finding someone to work within your budget shouldn’t be difficult). After putting all of the time, energy and money into what is seriously one of the coolest days of your lives, it’s important that you pass the reins over to someone who will give you and your day the full attention it deserves.

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