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Oh, I’m very familiar with the whole song and dance of online dating. I met my husband on the World Wide Web (shoutout to OKCupid!), and by the time he rolled around, I had been on quite a few dates. Enough to know when a great one appeared on the screen and deserved a swipe to the right.

As a wedding planner, and having just gone through the wedding planning process as a bride, I have to laugh at how many ways the stages of the vendor/couple relationship can mirror the stages of online dating.

Join me on the journey through the stages of online dating—I mean, of booking your wedding photographer…

//Hop Online & Swipe to the Right//

OK, time to hire a photographer. You’ve been playing the photography field, following them ALL on Instagram, but now it’s time to settle down and get serious. I mean, all of your other friends are in serious, monogamous and contractual relationships with their wedding photographers, and your mother is on your case about when you’re going to have photographs for her to frame. Well, let’s hop online and see what we can find.

//Narrow Down the Playing Field//

You found two you really like—you filled out and submitted their contact forms and are waiting. Oh my god, are they going to write back? You’re so nervous and excited and hope they think your wedding is cute and interesting. Are they available for your date?! The suspense is kiiiiiiillllliiiinnnngggg you! What’s taking them so long to respond? Oh … it’s only been five minutes. And then, RESPONSES! Both are available for your date and are interested in meeting!!! Holy crap.

//Two Dates, One Day//

Riiiiight, we all know you’re not that kind of person—two dates in one day. But that was the only day that worked for everyone, so you gotta do what you gotta do. The day arrives. Just be cool and wear extra deodorant. Your partner is ready to go—but, um, no, you’re going to need to change into something a little nicer. This might be the day you book your wedding photographer, and everyone needs to look their best.

//I Mean…It Was OK//

The first meeting is at your favorite little coffee shop, down the street from your place. (What a great story you can tell your friends about where you met your photographer, right?) He’s 10 minutes late and seems VERY into himself. Did he just talk about himself for an hour and not ask one single question about your wedding? Did that just happen? I mean, you like his work but …

//I Think We’re In Love//

A little disheartened, you walk to your next meeting. (Actually, you kinda just want that first meeting to be over, so you leave, walk around the block, and pop right back into your little coffee shop.) While you’re sitting down, photographer number two walks in—early. You like her already! Immediately she asks you about, well, the two of you: how you met, who proposed and how. She’s so excited about your day and … oh my gosh, she’s it—she’s the ONE!

//Why Didn’t They Call?! That’s It…We’re Deleting Them on Instagram//

You and your partner can’t stop talking about this photographer and how perfect she’ll be for your wedding. She was the best! She said the proposal would be sent your way shortly, and you can’t wait. After you check your email 30 times, your partner reminds you that she said the proposal would be sent out in the next couple days. Oh, right. OK … but, maybe she didn’t like you? That’s it, you’re unfollowing her on Instagram. She’s obviously not that into you — you’ve read that book and you know how it goes…

//OK, Possibly Overreacted a Bit//

The proposal comes in just as you’re about to unfollow and unlike and all that other un-stuff. OK, so maybe you were overreacting just a bit. That was silly. Of course she liked you as much as you two liked her. Duh! How could she not?

//Making It Facebook Official//

This is it. After all this time, you’ve found her. It’s time to seal the deal. The contract is in your hand. “Babe, hand me a pen, I’m signing this puppy.” You have your wedding photographer! Let’s announce it to the Facebook WORLD! It’s like, now you get it and can really relate to your friends who have already made it official with their wedding photographers, and your mom is over the moon. It might be tough on your relationships with your friends who don’t have their wedding photographers yet, but, you know, they’ll find their someone soon.

//It’s Not You, It’s Us//

Oh crap, he just emailed and, oh my god, did he JUST send you a picture of his wide-angle lens? Ugh, can we just ignore him? Do we have to email him back? Ugh, manners! Gotta buck up and be a grown-up. “Look, it’s not you, it’s us—we decided to head down another path, but there are couples out there for you, and we hope you find your match. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us!”

Real talk: If you don’t feel a connection with a vendor you’ve met or chatted with on the phone, just let them know you are moving forward with someone else. We all carve out time to meet with potential clients and put together proposals, so ghosting us hurts our feelings. Just let us know if you’ve decided to move forward with someone else.

//Happily Ever After//

The engagement session went so amazingly well, and the wedding day—oh my god, those photos are going to be the best! You know, meeting “the one” really does happen when you least expect it.

You know what the best way to avoid having to go through this process is? Yep, you guessed it — hiring a wedding planner! Let us be your matchmaker — head here to read more about working with A Fresh Event.