Here at A Fresh Event, we pinch ourselves daily because we get to be freaking wedding planners.

Do you know how cool that is? Hard work, yes, but the time and dedication we put into each couple’s special day is so absolutely, totally worth it. We are beyond excited that you’re getting married and deeply honored that you have decided we’re a match made in wedding planner + couple heaven.

Our priority with every single one of our clients is to do all we can to ensure your journey from “Will you marry me?” to “I do!” is as smooth as possible. Yes, we definitely have many organizational and logistical tools up our sleeves to help to bring our couple’s’ wedding day vision to life. But, there’s more …

We offer something at A Fresh Event that brings our game to a whole other level. You see, we go old school and offer all of our clients exceptional customer service. I’ll say it again for the cheap seats in the back: Our secret sauce is simply great customer service.

How do we do this exactly? Well, Imma break it down for you even more. In the wise words of Montell Jordan (I hope I’m not dating myself with that reference), this is how we do it …

We’re Grateful

First of all, thank you for hiring us. We are honored that you trust us with one of the best days of your lives. Please know that our gratitude runs deep and, because of this, we are dedicated to making your day the very best.

It’s Not About Us

We are talented at what we do but … the day is not about us. In fact, it isn’t about any of your wedding professionals. It’s about you two and celebrating your love. It’s also about your style and taste, not ours. I don’t always like chair covers. You love them. So, we get the chair covers. 

We LOVE Weddings

One may see this and think, “Well, duh.” It’s still important to point out, though, because I firmly believe that you have to really, really love weddings to be an exceptional wedding professional and to continue providing the utmost service to your clients.

Tell Us More

We’re very nosey about your day, and we want to hear about it. We love how excited you get when you have a new idea that you want to run by us. Don’t ever feel bad for wanting to talk to us about your wedding day—going back to #3, we love us some good wedding talk.

We Care About and Invest in Our Couples

We really care about our clients—whether we’ve been working together for two months or two years, we are here for you. You don’t plan weddings every day. We do, and we want you to be able to fully experience one of the best days ever. So, we’re always here to patiently and carefully answer all of your questions/comments/concerns.

We’re Flexible

We understand that many of you work Monday–Friday, 9 to 5, and we do our absolute best to work around your schedules. All meetings are by appointment. Scheduling conflicts happen, and we might not be able to always work our magic, but we continually try to make meeting with us as easy for you as possible.

Tough Love

This might be a surprising one on a list talking about customer service, but I believe a big part of doing you the greatest service is to be really real with you. You’ve hired us because we are experts and you trust that we’re going to guide you down the path to a successful event. If something isn’t going to work for whatever reason, be it financially, logistically or aesthetically, we’re going to cut right to the chase.

We Take Time Off

To stay fresh and inspired, we take some time off to recharge. We’re closed on Sundays so we can spend time with our family and friends. Essentially, our taking a little time for ourselves is good for you because it keeps us inspired and in love with our job. But, when we’re out of the office for a client’s wedding weekend or for a (rare!) vacation, there is an automated response to let you know when we’ll be back.

We Set Realistic Expectations

We strive to set you up with realistic expectations so that you aren’t disappointed. If I know the information we’re waiting on is probably going to take a week, I’ll let you know. We believe that, what it really comes down to, is guiding you through the process so you’re never left in the dark without knowing what the heck is going on. Communication with us is key.

Our Door Is Always Open

If you ever feel like there is a miscommunication between us or that you aren’t getting the service you requested, we want you to talk to us about it. Again, we believe this is a unique and awesome relationship—I get to help you plan your wedding, for crying out loud, and that’s so freaking awesome. So, we want you to let us know if we’re missing the mark in any way so we can do our best to fix it.

We Apologize When We Mess Up

We are but mere mortals, and to err is human. Of course, we drop the ball sometimes. When we mess up, we don’t pass the blame to anyone else. We come straight to you to apologize, tell you what happened, how it happened and what we are doing to fix it.

So, no, our belief in great customer service doesn’t mean you’re always right. But, what it does mean is that we are committed to making you happy. All the items touched on above are a part of our business’s core values: authenticity, dedication, commitment, care, and respect.

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